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Re: how to tell if a process is 64-bit

>> ([...] on most "64-bit" ports, a real question on amd64 (and others,
>> if any) which support 32-bit userland.)
> actually -- our mips64 ports largely use N32 userland, which is 64
> bit registers and 32 bit addresses.

Oh!  Thank you.  Yes, that's an interesting case.

In addition to amd64/i386, it occurs to me that sparc64/sparc32 is
another case; IIRC it's possible to take sparc64 hardware and build a
(special? not sure) kernel that runs sparc32 userland.  I've never
tried it; I don't know whether sparc32 and sparc64 are as freely
mixable at runtime as amd64 and i386 are under amd64 kernels.

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