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Re: fork1 use-after-free of the child process

On 08.09.2017 04:32, Mateusz Guzik wrote:
> The fork1 routine can wait for the child to exit (if vforked) and/or
> return the pointer to the child.
> Neither case guarantees the safety of said operation. The key is that
> the parent can be ignoring SIGCHLD, which results in autoreaping the
> child and the child itself is made runnable. Thus in particular it can
> exit and get its struct proc freed. No prevention measures are taken
> I did not test it on the NetBSD kernel, but it's a standard problem and
> the code definitely looks buggy.
> 1. returning the pointer
> The last parameter to fork1 is struct proc **rnewprocp. I found only 2
> uses:
> - linux_sys_clone - the parameter is populated from a local variable
>   which is not used afterwards, i.e. the func can as well start passing
>   NULL instead
> - creation of initproc - since this becomes the only remaining use of
>   the parameter I think it makes sense to get rid of it altogether. the
>   simplest hack which comes to mind will simply proc_find_raw the
>   process after fork return
> 2. vfork
> By the end there is:
> while (p2->p_lflag & PL_PPWAIT)
>     cv_wait(&p1->p_waitcv, proc_lock);
> Retesting after wake up triggers the bug.
> The cleanest solution I'm aware of introduces a dedicated condvar to use
> by vfork. The parent uses a local variable for this purpose. Since the
> condvar is only used by vfork to signal exec/exit, there is no need
> to access the child after waking up. The downside is extention of struct
> proc with a pointer. Interestingly this is what they do in Linux.
> FreeBSD does the obvious of grabbing a reference preventing the
> destruction of struct proc from going through.
> Solaris suprisingly has a total hack: they look up the pid and see if
> found process (if any) has to be waited on. Apart from general ugliness
> it's also a minor scalability problem due to extra lock/unlock of the
> global process list lock.
> -- 
> Mateusz Guzik <mjguzik <>>

Thank you for the analysis. There is also a correctness problem with

I had trouble to generate the PTRACE_VFORK event. The first one for the
parent that calls vfork(2) and reports child's PID; the second one that
is generated by vforkee and returns forker's PID.

When the child calls exec(2)/exit(2) and parent is resuming, there shall
be reported PTRACE_VFORK_DONE once with PID of vforkee.

Another topic is that we always want to get PTRACE_FORK and PTRACE_VFORK
generated by the parent first and followed by a signal from the child.
This deterministic order simplifies a debugger.

Once I will sort out bugs with threads (LWPs) under a tracer, I will be
back to this topic.

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