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Re: wscons/wsmux question

On Thu, 15 Jun 2017, Paul Goyette wrote:

While recently working with Nat to get the wsbell(4) device working,
I've noticed that both wsdisplay(4) and wsmouse(4) (as well as the new
wsbell(4)) have lots of code conditionally compiled based on "NWSMUX
0" (which is defined in wsmux.h resulting from the needs-flag in

Does it really make sense to have a kernel with either wsdisplay(4) or
wsmouse(4) but _without_ any wsmux(4) devices?  It would really make
things a lot cleaner if we were able to remove some of this conditional

I'm a bit surprised that there hasn't yet been any response on this subject. :) Usually when I propose something, it prompts some fairly lively discussion.

Would anyone object if I were to remove all of the "#if NWSMUX > 0" conditionals, and simply require the wsmux code to be included (via files.wscons) whenever any child dev (wsdisplay, wskbd, wsmouse, or wsbell) is configured?

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