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Re: swcrypto is initialized twice


On 2017/06/03 12:17, Michael van Elst wrote:
> (Kengo NAKAHARA) writes:
>> Currently(after cryptosoft.c:r1.44), software encryption driver
>> (swcrypto0) is initialized twice, that is, swcr_init() is called
>> below two call paths.
>>    (1) swcrypto_attach()
>>        <= called from module initialization
>>    (2) swcryptoattach()
>>        <= called from autoconf(9) initialization
>> Hmm, compare with pseudo interfaces like gif(4), It seems the
>> swcryptoattach() should do nothing.
> In this case, yes.
> Modules have their own module info data structures compiled by the
> linker, for a builtin module their modcmd function is called in
> module_init_class().
> pseudo devices have no bus attachment, their attach routines are
> compiled by config(1) and called in config_finalize() after all
> builtin modules have been initialized.
> A run-time loaded module gets its modcmd function called much
> later in module_load().
// snip

Thank you for detailed explanation!
I will be careful about that, when I modify a similar code.


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