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Re: Keep local symbols of rump libraries

On 10.04.2017 12:22, Ryota Ozaki wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using ATF tests running rump kernels (rump_server)
> for development and debugging. When a rump kernel gets
> panic, it dumps a core file from which we can obtain
> a backtrace by using gdb.
> Unfortunately local symbols (i.e., static functions)
> in a backtrace are unresolved because they are stripped
> by the linker (and objdump). That makes debugging a bit
> difficult.
> The patch introduces a compile option for rump kernels
> called RUMP_KEEPSYMBOLS to keep such symbols:
> The option is disabled by default to not increase
> the size of all rump libraries.
> I'm not so familiar with the NetBSD build system and
> Makefiles, so the patch may be wrong or clumsy.
> Any comments?
> Thanks,
>   ozaki-r

There are already available the following options:


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