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RE: USB device [was "USB slave"]

>> > Is it possible to use a USB port as a USB slave? I would like to 
>> > make it act as a keyboard to output some data to another machine.
> Isn't there already a slave side USB driver for emulated ethernet for
StrongARM/PXA devices ?

Hi all,

As the lurking member of USB-IF, and someone who has been using NetBSD since
before there was a USB, and who uses NetBSD daily as a development system
for USB system software, I think it's great that we're going to add USB
device support to NetBSD.

However, please, please, please: let us follow the USB standard

USB does not use the terms "master" and "slave". These terms are for other

The USB community uses the terms "host" and "device".  

Can we please follow industry practice?  Even if other POSIX-like systems
use other terms, we would be much better off following USB terminology. That
way, the terms will map closely to the specifications, and old-timers like
me will be able to follow the discussions more easily....


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