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Re: PCU vs. ptrace

On 04.03.2017 18:25, Chuck Silvers wrote:
> in the case of PT_GETFPREGS or PT_SETFPREGS, the target thread will be
> stopped, but for PT_DUMPCORE the target thread supposedly may be running.
> it appears to me that the PCU save/discard code does the right thing even for
> a running thread, though the thread may change its PCU state again immediately.
> this is ok for PT_DUMPCORE, since PT_DUMPCORE is documented as possibly
> producing an inconsistent image.  ... actually, I looked at the code some more
> and PT_DUMPCORE does require that the target be stopped.

Thank you for looking at it. The PT_DUMPCORE description has been fixed
in src/lib/libc/sys/ptrace.2 r.1.41

The new form is:

PT_DUMPCORE   Makes the process specified in the pid pid generate a core
              dump.  The addr argument should contain the name of the
              core file to be generated and the data argument should
              contain the length of the core filename.

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