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amd64: USER_LDT (and wine)

I have written a patch [1] that adds support for USER_LDT on amd64. I have only
tested it quickly.

The goal is to allow userland to set some entries in the LDT. On i386 this is
pretty simple: each entry is 8-byte-sized, so we can use an array and indexes.
On amd64 this is more complicated, some entries are 16-byte-sized, so the array
design does not work anymore.

My patch allows only 8-byte-sized entries to be added, so that the backend
still works. Moreover, userland is not allowed to overwrite the initial LDT
entries (some of which are 16-byte-sized). All that means we have some initial
LDT entries that are fixed, and beyond a certain index userland can add its own

The reason we care about USER_LDT at all is because Wine uses it to run 32bit
Windows applications. It has to do with WoW64 [2]. I believe my patch should
make it work, since the first LDT index used by Wine is above our limit [3],
and Wine does not use 16-byte-sized entries.

This being said, I don't have Wine with WoW64, and am not a Wine user anyway. I
was wondering whether someone would be interested in testing it for real.


Note: our pkgsrc package does not support WoW64.

Note: I don't know if USER_LDT must be added in netbsd32 for Wine to work, if
so then I'll add support for that too.


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