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Tidy up in6_select*


I propose tidy-up of in6_select* functions, esp.

selectroute is annoying because:
- It returns both/either of a rtentry and/or an ifp
  - Yes, it may return only an ifp!
    - It is valid but selectroute shouldn't handle the case
  - Such conditional behavior makes it difficult
    to apply locking/psref thingy
- It may return a rtentry even if error
- It may use opt->ip6po_nextroute rtcache implicitly
  - The caller can know if it is used
    by rtcache_validate(&opt->ip6po_nextroute)
    but it's racy in MP-safe world
  - Even if it uses opt->ip6po_nextroute, it may
    return a rtentry that isn't derived from the rtcache

My changes (inspired by OpenBSD) include:
- Rename selectroute to in6_selectroute
  - Let a remaining caller of selectroute, in6_selectif,
    use in6_selectroute instead
- Let in6_selectroute return only an rtentry
  - If error, it doesn't return an rtentry
  - A caller gets an ifp from a returned rtentry
- Allow in6_selectroute to modify a passed rtcache
  and a caller can know if opt->ip6po_nextroute is
  used via the rtcache
- Let callers (ip6_output and in6_selectif) handle
  the case that only an ifp is required

The patch is here:

Tests added recently ensure there is no regression
in basic cases, but I cannot say that it breaks
nothing we should keep.

Any comments or suggestions?

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