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Re: .eh_frame

On 10 November 2014 06:53, Masao Uebayashi <> wrote:
>> So, does your kernel contain C++ code using exceptions, hand written
>> eh-frame code, or an in kernel consumer? :-)
> According to joerg@, there is nothing (yet).

BTW, looks like arm (sys/arch/arm/include/profile.h) may contain
hand-written eh-frame code.  That shouldn't be a problem as, from gas:

7.11 `.cfi_sections SECTION_LIST'

`.cfi_sections' may be used to specify whether CFI directives should
emit `.eh_frame' section and/or `.debug_frame' section.  If
SECTION_LIST is `.eh_frame', `.eh_frame' is emitted, if SECTION_LIST is
`.debug_frame', `.debug_frame' is emitted.  To emit both use
`.eh_frame, .debug_frame'.  The default if this directive is not used
is `.cfi_sections .eh_frame'.

it is easy to change.

It's just a shame that more ports aren't exploiting this feature.
Makes unwinding less debugger-tool centric.

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