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Re: Boot with no working console?

In article <>, Konrad Schroder  
<> wrote:
>I have an PC Engines APU1C that I've been trying to boot into NetBSD. 
>The problem is that it has no frame buffer hardware at all, and the 
>serial ports, as far as I can tell, don't work (either with the 
>bootloader or with the kernel, though BIOS interaction works well enough 
>on com0).
>I've booted it through DHCP/TFTP and hacked init(8) to dump dmesg to a 
>file before it bails; the dmesg is included below.  init(8) fails with 
>ENXIO at init.c line 631.
>My question is, suppose that there will never be a working console 
>device for this box.  If everything else works, I don't care about the 
>console---I don't really need it.  Is there a way to tell NetBSD "there 
>is no console, deal with it"?  (The logic in sys/arch/x86/consinit.c 
>leads me to believe that there is not.)  If not, what's the best way to 
>go about building a null console device that I could redirect 
>/dev/console to, that might allow init(8) to boot multi-user?

mknod /dev/console c 2 2  (/dev/null)?

Well, perhaps the boot block don't map the right com port to the console.
Have you tried to make some boot blocks that use com1?


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