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PATCH: xhci controller driver improvements


The attached patch addresses following points.

- With some usb devices, often some endpoints gets stalled. Resetting the endpoint helps recover usb transactions.

- When a usb device is removed while data is being copied to/from, all the queued transfer requests needs to be aborted gracefully so that transfer status is reported up to the application.

- Some boards require an additional interrupt acknowledgement specific to the architecture. Added a function pointer that needs to be set during that board arch-specific initialization. If this is not required, function pointer needs to be set to NULL.

- Added debug functions to dump xhci registers that could help us in case of any issue.

Note: I have manually patched the code changes from my older version(verified) of code to the latest as of today in MAIN branch. And the code is not compiled either, sorry about that. If anyone is interested to patch this and verify, it would be really helpful.

Thanks & Regards,

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