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Re: Bug in fs/cd9660 raises questions about inode number computing


> A PR (Problem Report) in the kern category with an attached unified
> diff would seem adequate if you cannot commit the changes yourself.

I am glad that others will filter my proposals.

kern/48787 can be counted as a successful one.
kern/48797 demonstrates that i need to free myself more from
expectations which occupied my mind when studying isofs of
a different kernel.
Thanks to Martin Husemann for posing the right questions.

My initial questions of this thread are now answered by:

- No, ISO 9660 Extended Attribute is specified as odd as the code
  indicates. (ECMA-119 Thanks to Wolfgang Solfrank.)

- No, 64 bit ino_t is a valuable feature of NetBSD that may well
  be exploited for convenience.

A new problem was added to my vague todo list: 

- ls -i shows rolled over 32 bit inode numbers

Have a nice day :)


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