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Re: Does "options P1003_1B_SEMAPHORE" still exist?

Matthias Drochner <> wrote:
> Hmm - this is NetBSD-6, but the stacktrace shows that the crash happens
> in the ksem code path which is used for named/shared semaphores only.
> So it seems that gomp is using these... it might be worth a try to
> make libgomp use its own implementation.
> The appended patch is for -current of about 3 months ago, with
> gcc-4.5.4. The only change to original code is that to
> libgomp/configure, the rest is generated, but the generation process
> is somewhat complex (using the "mknative script"). And I've generated
> it only for i386 -- for a quick try it should work to apply the
> "config.h" change manually.

Can somebody just build it with -g i.e. the symbols and see what is
going on?  Our sem_open(3) provides slightly different behaviour than
POSIX requires, but it is more sane i.e. it basically provides a file
descriptor (and OS X implements it this way too).

Otherwise, with more information, I could have a look into this.


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