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Re: asymmetric smp

On 2014-04-02 14:00, Martin Husemann wrote:
On Wed, Apr 02, 2014 at 01:55:04PM +0200, Johnny Billquist wrote:
The time between entering a username and getting the password prompt in
the same 3500 with the latest release is something like 30 seconds.

Mostly it needs someone with an affected machine to debug it. My bet
would be on PAM being related to this issue.

(FWIW, it takes < 3 seconds on my vax)

Hmm. This is with a very default installation that I have not even started trying to customize. But thanks, PAM is definitely an interesting point. I should look.

And even more thanks in saying that it's not the same for you. That implies that there is something bad in the config, and not something totally generic.

What model of VAX do you have, and how long does it take to boot, to the point where you get the login prompt on the console?


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