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physio split the request.. cannot proceed


I am still working on porting LTFS to NetBSD. The thing now builds, 
and I am able to format a tape using the mkltfs utility.

Next step is to mount the tape. It now fails within the NetBSD kernel.

Here is ltfs output:
LTFS20039D Backend read: 524288 bytes
LTFS20010D SCSI request: [ 08 02 08 00 00 00 ] Requested length=524288
LTFS20089D Driver detail:            errno = 0x5
LTFS20089D Driver detail:      host_status = 0x0
LTFS20089D Driver detail:    driver_status = 0x0
LTFS20089D Driver detail:           status = 0x0
LTFS20011D SCSI outcome: Driver status=0xFF SCSI status=0xFF Actual length=0
LTFS20042E EIO in read

On the console, the kernel says:
st0(mpii0:0:2:0) physio split the request.. cannot proceed

What does it meands, and how can I fix it? This is NetBSD 6.1.2.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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