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re: Problem with autounload of nfsserver module

On Dec 15,  5:07pm, (matthew green) wrote:
-- Subject: re: Problem with autounload of nfsserver module

| right, that's my whole point.
| what's the real benefit to the end user for having these modules
| use auto unload?  mostly they seem to present bugs we have to fix
| (which is good for fixing bugs, but annoying for users), instead
| of actually being useful.  i don't consider the minor memory
| savings to be a real consideration here.
| i've long thought we should not auto unload by default.

Think about it the other way around... If you don't auto-unload, most users
will not run the unload code and the bugs will stay hidden. And you know too
well, that I've been bitten by one unload bug that took me a month to figure
out, since it manifested as random page faults in the pool code...


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