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re: Problem with autounload of nfsserver module

On Sun, 15 Dec 2013, matthew green wrote:

does it reload and reexport file systems if you mount something and
mountd should be told to export it?

If the nfsserver module has been unloaded, and then you update the /etc/exports files (and HUP mountd), then mountd will call the nfssvc sys-call which will trigger an auto-load of the nfsserver module.

However, the module would only have been unloaded if the previous list of exports was empty; if there were any exports previously, the module would not have been unloaded and therefore would not need re-loading.

i don't see any utility in having nfs server auto unload.

It's no different than any other auto-loaded module, such as compat. If a module is auto-loaded, the system makes a single attempt (after an appropriate timeout) to auto-unload. The module is notified and given an opportunity to prevent the unload.

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