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Re: SAS tape drives

On Wed, 11 Dec 2013, Eduardo Horvath wrote:
> Last time I fiddled around with the LSI MegaRAID stack it did not
> provide any sort of transparent access to attached devices.  Can
> you create a LUN with the tape device?
> You might have more success with the LSI MPT stack.  That at least
> provides transparent access to the target devices.  I don't know
> whether mpt hooks into NetBSD's scsipi layer in a way that it will
> attach non-disk devices, but I suspect it would.

I used the MegaRAID card as that was what we had lying around but I 
could buy something else.

I found this:
but that seems to use the mps driver on FreeBSD and NetBSD doesn't 
have it.  Any guess on how hard it would be to port?


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