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suprious reboot on netbsd-6:i386 with PAE


I am still trying to work aroud the spurious reboots I get on netbsd-6/i386
with PAE. It happens on different machines when the load rises, and
-current/i386  is not affected.

Unfortunately using a -current kernel is not an option just right now, 
because of kernel bugs. For a reason I have not yet tracked down, dovecot
is broken (IPC between (pop|imap)-login and auth process is screwed),  and
sshd randomly cuts connexions because of an invalid HMAC. If the two problems
rings a bell for someone, I am interested.

I tried moving various changes form -current to netbsd-6, to fix the
spurious reboot problme, but with no luck so far. Anyone has an idea of 
the change that may have fixed this problem? For now I focused on 
changes in src/sys/arch/(i386|x86), but there may be something else.
Emmanuel Dreyfus

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