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Re: ptrdiff_t in the kernel

>>>> Is there a reason to do not have ptrdiff_t defined in the kernel?
>>>> Shouldn't be OK to define it in sys/cdefs.h? Or even for having
>>>> stddef.h itself in the kernel?
>>> It is defined in the kernel and comes from <machine/ansi.h> via
>>> <sys/types.h>.
>> Actually, it isn't. Only _BSD_PTRDIFF_T_ is defined by machine/ansi.h.
>> The ptrdiff_t type is defined only in stddef.h.
> That surprises me.  Easy enough to add.

I replied this in

>>> No, <stddef.h> is not allowed in the kernel.  Symbols from it are
>>> provided via other means.
>> I know. In fact, I'm asking if it would be alright to allow that.
>> AFAIK, it would be inoffensive if available in the kernel.
> Actually, it would be offensive.


Lourival Vieira Neto

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