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Re: Lua in the kernel...

On Mon, Dec 02, 2013 at 08:33:38PM +0100, Marc Balmer wrote:
> Some Illumos developers consider adding Lua to the kernel to provide
> what they call ZFS Channel Programs:
> Lua part starts at approx 1:13
Really I would like to know why is it that you insist in installing Lua in the 
kernel of NetBSD.

I find it very disgusting that in order to justify your activity of adding Lua 
in NetBSD's kernel
you say "Look! others are doing it."

Illumnos is Illumnos. It isn't NetBSD.
If Illumnos wants to install an impurity like Lua right into it's kernel, 
that's it's problem.

I myself have the most respect for NetBSD.
Lua is a project which not controlled by NetBSD.
It is controlled by the developers of Lua which are not NetBSD developers.

By installing Lua in the kernel, you make NetBSD dependant of a peace of 
software that is
controlled by an entity that is external to NetBSD.
This is the definition of cancer.

You are trying to install a cancer in the very kernel of NetBSD.

If Illumnos developers don't know how to program in C, and needs Lua to 
what they call ZFS Channel Programs, that's their problem.

The spread of Lua among NetBSD developers will cause a schism in NetBSD and 
make it
difficult for NetBSD developers to work together.
But maybe it is exactly what you are seeking.

I dislike very much your activity of contaminating everything in NetBSD with 
You are causing me great harm with that.

You started by pushing it in main.
Then you attacked the kernel, then sysinstall.
You mentioned contaminating rm(1) with Lua, in order to implent Lua in the mind
of a certain user.

I find you activity pointless, and insidious.

You talk in the name of NetBSD to say : "we provide Lua so that people can do 
magic with it".
If there is a language with which one can do magic, it is C.
UNIX + C define a mathematical universe in which the programer is a mage and 
can do magic
base on very strong, sane, and correct laws and fondations.

If a person wants to pollute himself with Lua or whatever language that is in 
vogue at the time,
let him do so. But in his own space.
Why insisting on polluting others with their fantasy of the moment ?

Each time something is trying to tell you about the problem of Lua, you are 
just ignoring their point,
and use subtle psychological tactics to force Lua into their programs, their 
kernel, their community,
and their mind.

When a person doesn't know how to program in C, he shouldn't play with NetBSD's 

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