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Re: Sudden reboot

On Tue, Dec 03, 2013 at 09:13:18AM +0100, Jan Danielsson wrote:
 > > If you use objdump -d or nm -n or gdb or whatever to find the code
 > > that's at 0xffffffff8031162f in your kernel, you'll probably get a
 > > fairly good idea of what broke.
 >    A lot of pf_state_* around there, so it looks like packet filter is
 > croaking. Ugh.. pf seems slightly broken for other reasons as well
 > (rules are ignored sometimes), and I know others have mentioned it in
 > the past.
 >    Do I file a PR?

Yes. (If a solution appears in this thread in the next day or two
before you get around to it, then perhaps not; but that doesn't seem
too likely.)

David A. Holland

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