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Re: mpt(4) timeout recovery improvements

        Hello.  An initial review looks pretty good. I want to incorporate
your patch into a reworked version of my original patch which handles more
error conditions and give it a whirl.  If you're amenable, I'll send you a
new diff with the complete set of patches for testing.  If both of us test
good, I think we can commit the fixes and submit pullup requests for
NetBSD-6 and NetBSD-5.  
        To answer your specific question, I don't think you've made anything
worse and I don't think you've introduced any new races.
        It will be a little while, i.e. a couple of weeks, before I can
complete this work as I'm in the midst of a different project with a hard
deadline.  However, I'm very interested in seeing fixes for this driver hit
the NetBSD source tree so support for this hardware will be much better
going forward.

On Nov 27,  5:49pm, Edgar =?iso-8859-1?B?RnXf?= wrote:
} Subject: Re: mpt(4) timeout recovery improvements
} > Could somebody please review it, especially whether I got the locking 
} > etc. right?
} I'm still eager for someone with an understanding of NetBSD device drivers 
} to comment on what I've done.
} >From my experiments, I know that the patch does ~TRT for my MPT hardware, 
} but I'm pretty afraid I could have introduced some dumb race condition, 
} resource leakage, locking issue or whatever beginner's mistake one can make.
>-- End of excerpt from Edgar =?iso-8859-1?B?RnXf?=

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