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USB audio doesn't record 8bit? (or: play 8bit?)



sysadm# uname -a
NetBSD sysadm 6.0_RC2 NetBSD 6.0_RC2 (MONOLITHIC) #7: Thu Sep 27 16:44:58 CEST 

audio0 at uhub5 port 1 configuration 1 interface 0
uaudio0: vendor 0x0556 product 0x0001, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 3
uaudio0: audio rev 1.00
audio1 at uaudio0: full duplex, playback, capture, independent

audiorecord doesn't record audioplay-able files in 8bit per sample modes,
be it ulinear, slinear or u-law.
16bit linear and slinear works.
playing 8bit-ulaw works.

Has this been observed elsewhere? I seem to recall having had a
similar problem on Shark long ago, but can't find the PR or e-mail
message, if any.

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