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re: posix_fallocate

> Personally, I think the underlying structure of files should not be made
> visible to apps at all - they should just see a byte stream (perhaps with
> an advisory useful block size to write in).

i would buy this argument if mmap()ing a large sparse file
and filling it up randomly (but with relatively large chunks
at a time) did not lead to severely fragmented files that
can take 10x to read, vs one written with plain sequential
write() calls.  because of this, some workaround is
necessary.  it is very disappointing to see an average of
120 iops of 64KB each (and only because i formatted my
FS with 64kb blocks/frags!.) whe sequentially reading a
file created by mmap().

posix_fallocate() is answering a real problem.  the work
around today is to write the file, which doubles the IO
traffic, and i am not sure we can do better with FFS, due
to the issues you've mentioned, but there are many other
filesystems in existence that do allow block allocation
without exposing prior data or initialisation.

given the current issues, i'd be happy with a userspace


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