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Re: How to hot swap an SCA SCSI disk with NetBSD

> Generally speaking, SCA SCSI drives are hot-swap capable.

Sure...but the drive bays aren't necessarily.  For example, the drive
bay in a SS20 probably isn't; you can't even get to it without removing
the lid, so there'd've been little reason for Sun to spend the money
for the signal switching hardware to make it hotswap.

> I'm not interested in fiddling with 50-pin or 68-pin with a paused machine -$

Actually, with a _paused_ machine, IME - I M limited E - it's fine.
It's doing so on an active SCSI bus, one with transfers going on, that
I was saying was a recipe for trouble.

> The key thing in documentation is not just how, but why.

> For example, why "scsictl <dev> detach"?  Why not just "stop" and
> remove?

Personally?  The reasons which occur to me offhand:

Because doing that doesn't get the teardown and rebuild I mentioned
upthread.  Because not all the scsictl versions I have in use support
stop.  Beacuse I'm not always replacing it with an identical drive (or,
sometimes, at all).

> The idea here is to document a procedure generally. Odds are good lots of it$

Yeah - everything but the physical-layer stuff, I'd guess.

(SAS, gaaaah....)

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