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Re: Lua in-kernel (lbuf library)

Am 19.10.13 00:51, schrieb John Nemeth:

> } kern.lua.autoload is a safety barrier. One may wish not allow any lua kernel
> } script to load any given lua kernel module.
>      The lua(4) implementers can certainly do this if they want.
> However, module_autoload() won't be looking at this flag and will
> continue to refuse to autoload any module that has the noautoload
> flag set.  Also, there is the kern.module.autoload sysctl that can
> prevent any module from autoloading.

And I think that is a good thing.  If kern.module.autoload is used to
prevent module autoloading, then lua(4) must not be a way to circumvent

For clarification:  The kern.lua.autoload sysctl merely controls whether
lua(4) *tries* to autload a module when it encounters the "require"
statement.  If it is set to false, it will not try it.

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