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Re: panic: bad dir: mangled entry, fsck: missing dot/dotdot

>> I'm wondering if perhaps it got the same inode or the same disk
>> block or some such.
> No.  The directory that twice caused a panic because of missing
> dot/dotdot was inode 463357837, the one with the two entries pointing
> to unallocated inodes is inode 158304666, the two unallocated inodes
> being 158304792 and 158304678.

I don't know whether fsdb can give it to you easily, but I'd be curious
what disk sectors those four inodes fall into.  In particular, if the
first one is close to the last two, that reinforces the "blocks
overlapping" theory.

In hex, those inumbers are (in order of apeparance above) 1b9e478d,
96f899a, 96f8a18, and 96f89a6.  The two unallocated inodes could fall
into the same disk block, if your blocks are big enough.  FFSv2 inodes
are 256 bytes; FFSv1 blocks max out at 64K, but in a quick glance I
haven't found the maximum FFSv2 size.  If your filesystem uses 256K or
larger blocks, those two inodes fall into the same block; otherwise,
not.  If they do, it might be interesting to look at the rest of that
block, in case its contents look recognizable.

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