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Re: Lua in-kernel (lbuf library)

Marc Balmer <> writes:

> Am 15.10.13 23:01, schrieb Lourival Vieira Neto:
>>> Also, having to switch mentally between zero-based arrays in the kernel C
>>> code and 1-based arrays in the Lua code make my head ache.
>> It's something that doesn't bug me so much.. But, if necessary it
>> could be changed to 0-based in this userdata.
> In C an array index is actually an offset from the top, so 0 is the
> natural way to denote element nr. 1 in C.  In Lua, a numeric array index
> is not an offset, but the ordinal array position.  So 1 is the natural
> way to denote the first element.
> Strictly speaking, it's actually C that is weird:  Index n denotes array
> element n + 1...

This depends on your background. If you studied or dealt with mathematical 
set theory, or foundations of mathematics, then you start counting natural 
(ordinals) from 0. In this respect C is more logical (pun intended) than Lua.

> Following the principle of least astonishment, I would not recommend
> starting to do 0 based stuff in Lua, a Lua programmer certainly expects
> things to start at 1.

It is hard to tell what is the least astonishing here. You propose Lua
as a language embedded into C rather than separate one. I'd say that Lua
designers made wrong decision here.


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