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Re: [GSoC 2013] Defragmentation for FFS

Well, this is not weekly, but I'll report whenever there is something to report.

Status update:

I passed the mid-term evaluation, although having very little code. But code examples for every step I need, so the next step is to tailor them together.

The analysis part is done. (Just needs to be tailored together)

The code will be available in a CVS-repository on Sourceforge. I will post a link here on the mailinglist, as soon as it is in a state, where I can publish it. It will work on FFSv2 partition, so people can test it.

I changed the order of reordering operations such as suggested, earlier in that thread.

Meanwhile, I have collected enough knowledge to begin with a "play-around-version" of the reordering.

clang support is planned, to get portability to FreeBSD (this is probably trivial).


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