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Re: setting the quota2 grace period

I still don't know how this is supposed to work.

I'm not sure whether I'm misunderstanding the interface, have a bug in my code,
misunderstand the output or there's a bug in libquota or quota2.

Here's an example of one specific user. The intent is to have a hard limit
of around half a gig, a soft limit around five gig, and a grace period of
100 days (in case someone is curious about these numbers: That's somebody
who's left the institute, so has his quota drastically reduced, but three
months time to tidy up).

quotadump reports:
user XXX block   11534336 1048576 1894516 0 8640000

repquota reports:
XXX  +-   947258   524288  5767168   none

edquota says:
blocks: (sizes in 1K-blocks)
        usage: 947258
        limits: soft 524288, hard 5767168
        grace: 8640000

The (modified) Perl interface reports qv_expiretime=0.

So it looks like grace is 100d, but expiretime is 0.
I do pass in qv_expiretime=0 when setting qv_grace, but what should I do?

What am I doing wrong?

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