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NFS vs jumbograms?

At $JOB, we have two i386 machines with wm interfaces connected
back-to-back with a short patch cable and a /30 subnet of 192.168.  One
is NFS-serving some disk space to the other over this link.  They are
running 4.0.1 (with a few tweaks of mine, but nothing touching
sys/nfs); while it's fallen off the end of official support, I thought
someone might happen to recall enough to be useful....

I tried turning on jumbograms ("mtu 9000" when configuring the
interfaces).  It makes a mildly significant performance difference
(about 15% more throughput), but I find that, under circumstances I
haven't entirely explored the boundaries of, readdir() operations will
hang, wedging the operation, possibly the whole NFS subsystem, and in
one case all of userland (though I suspect that happened because of
deadlock between NFS and VM; it happened when userland was writing
large amounts of data over NFS).  The command to provoke it can be as
simple as "echo */*x*".

I used tcpdump to capture network traffic.  I captured on each machine,
and there are some packets missing when I compare the captures;
however, the contents of the lost packets strongly imply that it's a
tcpdump failure (one of them, for example, includes the lookup that
gives the file handle used for the failing readdir).  Here's what the
end of the tcpdupmp looks like:

09:01:32.108640 IP > 128 
lookup fh 18,3/549376 "28"
09:01:32.108736 IP > reply ok 
236 lookup fh 18,3/550916
09:01:32.108925 IP > 124 
access fh 18,3/550916 0001
09:01:32.109007 IP > reply ok 
120 access c 0001
09:01:32.109211 IP > 120 
getattr fh 18,3/550916
09:01:32.109284 IP > reply ok 
112 getattr DIR 755 ids 1000/0 sz 6144
09:01:32.109497 IP > 140 
readdir fh 18,3/550916 8192 bytes @ 0
09:01:32.109700 IP > reply ok 
8296 readdir
09:01:32.110353 IP > 112 
readdir fh 18,3/550916 8192 bytes @ 4668
09:01:32.110506 IP > reply ok 
2004 readdir
09:01:32.194778 IP > 112 
readdir fh 18,3/550916 8192 bytes @ 4668
09:01:32.194910 IP > reply ok 
2004 readdir
09:01:32.364768 IP > 112 
readdir fh 18,3/550916 8192 bytes @ 4668
09:01:32.364917 IP > reply ok 
2004 readdir
(the last two lines above repeat, with only timestamps changing,
another dozen or so times)

This lockup is entirely repeatable as far as I can tell.  Setting the
MTU on both wm interfaces to 1500 made it go away.  I don't know, of
course, whether there might still be some variant of the condition that
would misbehave even with that MTU, but the stability of
NetBSD-to-NetBSD NFS in my past experience makes it seem unlikely.

The machines are in production use, but they are idle much of each day,
so I probably can try experiments, if anyone has anything to suggest.
I also still have the pcap capture files, in case they might contain
anything of value.  For now, I'm just using MTU 1500.

Any thoughts?

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