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Re: Thinking about NCQ support for NetBSD

On May 21, 2013, at 11:14 PM, Brian Buhrow <> wrote:

>       hello.  Recently I've been working on some fixes for the mpt(4)
> driver.  In the process of getting those fixes working, I began thinking
> about how hard it would be to get NCQ tag queueing working for NetBSD.  In
> the process of getting my head around what is involved, I find I have
> questions.  If someone wants to share what they know here or privately,
> I'd be interested in reading.
> 1.  I read a document that discussed ahcisata and its advantages over
> traditional IDE mode.  One of the advantages it touted was that ahcisata
> would support NCQ tag queueing.  Is it a requirement in order for NCQ
> tag queueing to work that the interface card support it as well?  For
> example, the viaide(4) driver supports SATA controllers, but says nothing
> about NCQ support or the potential for it.

Yes.  ahci can support as can the siisata but normal wdc based controllers

> 2.  Does anyone have any preliminary patches for NCQ support that the never
> got into the system?

Yes.  But I'm still testing them.

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