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Re: 4.0.1 i386 wedged

        hello.  I was under the impression that vnconfigging an nfs-mounted
file continues to not work to today -- and that is why xen has such a hard
time supporting guests under NFS.  In other words, "Don't do that".  If you
need such a big file  vnconfigged, use local disk.
        I could be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure I have it right.


On May 21,  2:43pm, der Mouse wrote:
} Subject: 4.0.1 i386 wedged
} I don't know if anyone recalls enough 4.x to say anything useful here,
} but if anyone does and cares to comment....
} The machine: 4.0.1 i386.  Two CPUs.  (Kernel has MULTIPROCESSOR,
} MPBIOS, and APM_NO_IDLE turned on.)
} NFS-mount a filesystem with a big (half-terabyte) file in it.  vnconfig
} that onto vnd0.  Mount /dev/vnd0d.  Write stuff to it.
} Machine locks up.  Responsive to ping, but userland is totally wedged,
} doesn't even respond to RETURN on the console.  Break into ddb and do
} ps and find pagedaemon is waiting on emergva.  It appears to be
} deadlocked against itself; my impression from the stack trace is that
} it's trying to page something out and finds itself wanting to page
} something in to do so.
} Is this a case of "don't do that, then", or should this work and I just
} need to track down a bug?
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