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A new NetBSD port is coming (WIP)!

Hello NetBSD guys,

First, sorry for cross-list posting, I didn't really know where this e-mail belong to.

Here is a small notice to let you know that I am in the process of adding support for the LatticeMico32 CPU [0] and the Milkymist SoC [1] to NetBSD 6 kernel.

LatticeMico32 (LM32) is an Open Source softcore (CPU which runs as gateware inside a FPGA) developed by Lattice Semiconductor. LM32 can be used on several FPGA models from several FPGA vendors (Xilinx (Virtex 4, Spartan 3, Spartan 6 etc) Lattice, Altera (DE0 board) and maybe more). Originally this CPU did not have any kind of MMU. Last year I developed an MMU for LM32 with the help of the Milkymist community (and a lot of help from Michael Walle in particular).

The LM32 softcore CPU is used in the Open Source Hardware Milkymist SoC which is the main component of the Milkymist One board [2].

For now, the Milkymist SoC/board runs an embedded OS (RTEMS) and is able to run ucLinux (no-mmu) as well.

The first goal of my work is to make NetBSD kernel (and userland) run on the Milkymist One board (thus on the Milkymist SoC with the modified MMU-enabled LM32 cpu).

The second goal - which explains why I am contacting you instead of working off-the-record on my own - is to integrate my port (when finished and fully working) upstream in the NetBSD source tree :)

So I guess I need to say hello and open my code to comments and reviews in order to do things in a proper and clean way that will allow the integration upstream in the future.

For now I just wanted to break the silence and to at least make you aware of my ongoing work :)

See you around, I may ask a few questions from time to time when I feel lost about some NetBSD internal stuff if you don't mind ;) Don't hesitate to ask me about what I'm doing/how I'm going it and what the hardware is capable of.


- LM32 (with MMU) source code:
- Milkymist SoC source code:
- My NetBSD 6 port work (in progress):

Cheers !

[0] --
[1] --
[2] --

Yann Sionneau

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