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Where is the component queue depth actually used in the raidframe system?

        Hello greg.  In looking into a performance issue I'm having with some
raid systems relative to their underlying disks, I became interested in
seeing how the component queue depth affects the business of underlying
disks.  To my surprise, it looks as if the queue depth as defined in the
raidx.conf file is never used.  Is that really true?  The chain looks like:
raidctl(8) sets 
raidPtr->maxQueueDepth = cfgPtr->maxOutstandingDiskReqs;
Then, in rf_netbsdkintf.c, we have:
d_cfg->maxqdepth = raidPtr->maxQueueDepth;
But I don't see where maxqdepth is ever used again.
        I'm using NetBSD-5.x in case that makes a difference.


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