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Re: "adapter resource shortage"?

Am 05.03.13 06:06, schrieb Mouse:
> The machine has way more than
> enough RAM to buffer everything I copied, so the copy completed
> reasonably quickly, limited mostly by the sending system's disk (the
> network was running gigabit).  But, all through it, I was seeing
> sd1(mpt0:0:1:0): adapter resource shortage
> appearing once a second on the console (sd1 is the drive I was copying
> to, the one mounted -o async; the OS is on sd0).  These stopped when
> the transfer finished; when I told it to sync, in preparation for
> unmounting, they started again, and, watching the disk's busy light, I
> would estimate it is busy between 1/3 and 1/2 the time with a cycle
> time of about 1Hz, which is cripplingly inefficient.

See e.g. PRs 26825, 30531, 36900. I am not aware of any substantial
change in newer NetBSD releases, and at work, we have phased out all
mpt(4) adapters in favour of amr(4) ones.

My understanding is that most of the mass storage interface drivers in
NetBSD are inherited from {Free,Open}BSD, and diverging kernel
interfaces appear to make cross-pollination ever harder. A recent
example would be lack of support for the Areca 188x SAS controllers.


Hauke Fath                        <hauke%Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE@localhost>
Ernst-Ludwig-Straße 15
64625 Bensheim

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