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Re: WAPBL and write cacheing

> That depends heavily on what you consider "safe".
OK, right. What I really meant is "does not impose additional risks in case of
a power loss, hardware failure or panic". Where "additional" means "compared
to the same thing with write-trough".

> largely because I have sufficient backup mechanisms in place
I do have sufficient backup mechanisms in place in the sense that I can recover
from total data loss. But that, being off-site, takes several days.
OTOH, I would like my definition of "safe" to include "being able to reliably
detect possible data corruption or loss after a crash".

> So, for my purposes - personal machines
I'm not talking about my personal machines but a file server hosting a few
hundred people's home directories and mail storage. So I probably need to be a
bit more paranoid about data integrity than with my personal machines.

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