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Re: enum vtype forward reference

> [...] forward declaration of "enum vtype;" [...]

> Initially I thought just including <sys/vnode.h> from
> "sys/sys/kauth.h" would be enough, but this introduces an
> include-file loop, so I am not sure how best to fix this, there are a
> few options I can think of

> 1. remove the "enum vtype" declaration to its own file, and include
>    it directly to avoid the loop. this is too invasive, I think, and
>    it is adding cruft to everywhere kauth is used (a lot, in the
>    kernel)

I think this can be adapted slightly to something good: remove the enum
to its own file, which of course has an idempotency guard, and include
that from <sys/vnode.h> and <sys/kauth.h> (and any others that need

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