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USB_DEBUG is defopt'ed and it is used as a global knob in usb.h:

#ifdef USB_DEBUG
#define Static
#define FOO_DEBUG
#define BAR_DEBUG
#define BAZ_DEBUG
#define Static static

This is done for drivers which don't include "opt_usb.h" so they will not
recognize when USB_DEBUG changes. There are other drivers which do this in their
own files:

#ifdef USB_DEBUG
#define FOO_DEBUG

I have fixed those to include "opt_usb.h", but I am unsure how we want to go
in the long term.

- Do we want to move the .c defines in usb.h, and have usb.h include "opt_usb.h"
- Do we want to not enable all the driver debugging code when USB_DEBUG is 
  and leave it to the individual drivers what to do (and leave USB_DEBUG in the
  generic driver code where it is used directly)?


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