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Re: MI boot args revamp?

Le 30/12/12 22:40, John Nemeth a écrit :
On May 22,  9:38am, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
      Xen uses multiboot.  Yet another thing on my todo list is to
handle boot time module loading in the multiboot case.

} As we have a decent module framework too, I would look at what module(7)
} offers when we pass arguments to them. I would expect modules and kernel
} share the same code when parsing args, this makes sense somehow. Typical
} example is (again) Xen with a DOM0 kernel, where the kernel is loaded as
} a module.

      module(7) arguments are passed as a plist.  Take a look at
sys/modules/example/example.c.  That is the simplest module.

}-- End of excerpt from Jean-Yves Migeon

Interesting -- what kind of runtime requirements are there when plist are used? I suppose that building up a plist from low level code is not quite practical (bootloaders and/or early kernel boot).

modload(8) has a custom implementation to internalize passed arguments (-b, -i ,...) into a plist, however the binary can rely on a rich runtime when executed, which is not necessarily the case when parsing cmdline strings.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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