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MI boot args revamp?

I'm only just starting to think of this as a possible reality, but I'd like to establish a (better) MI way of passing args to the kernel. In my particular case, I'm interested in passing the root device to the kernel from u-boot on several evbarm and evbppc platforms; I can easily see wanting to do the same thing on amd64 sometimes.

Yes, I could go dig up the particular MD way to do it for each case I need, but I would really, really like to have a decent MI way to specify things, so that when I move from one platform to another, I have to re-learn a minimum of stuff. Also, that I can expect a particular NetBSD way of doing things. I believe the way the current state evolved is that originally, there was concern for people expecting the "native" platform way of doing things, and adapting NetBSD to it, instead of the other way around. I think we need to change that, however slowly, and begin the idea of adapting the platform-specific stuff to NetBSD where it makes sense.

I would like to have a way to pass a string composed of the same flags (we can continue to use our existing "-a", "-s" and other flags) in a consistent manner from one platform to another, to be able to adjust driver options, kernel options, whatever, and to be able to expect it to be similar whether I'm on amd64, macppc, evbppc, evbarm, or whatever.

Thoughts?  Suggestions for an acceptable approach?


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