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Re: lua(4), non-invasive and invasive parts

On May 21,  6:10am, Marc Balmer wrote:
} > this is going to upset dyoung i'm sure :) but it seems to me that
} > if these invasive changes to individual subsystems are needed like
} > this, and we want them to be optional, then imo they should be on
} > a per-subsystem basis, not global.  eg something like:
} > 
} >     options LINEDISC_LUA
} >     options GPIOSIM_LUA
} > 
} > etc.  the ugliness could/should be largely hidden in header files.
} The problem remains that modules no nothing about kernel options.  Maybe
} - in an ideal world - there should be no kernel options at all, but only
} modules... ;)

     Which is fine for gpiosim, as it can just depend on the lua
module.  For LINEDISC_LUA, there would have to be some kind of hook to
which the lua module would attach when loaded, so that the kernel would
still function even without the module loaded.

}-- End of excerpt from Marc Balmer

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