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Re: lua(4), non-invasive and invasive parts

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 10:05:36AM +0100, Marc Balmer wrote:
> If, however, existing software is to use Lua as part of its
> implementation, it needs to be made lua(4) aware, because it is going to
> use the lua(4) API.  If the existing software is a kernel module, it needs
> to record a dependency on the lua(4) kernel module. 

Why is this a problem? Most kernel modules have dependencies. 

> The source code of software using lua(4) needs to be modified, which is
> why I called this scenario "invasive".  The "lua(4) aware" parts can be
> put into #ifdef LUA/#endif sections if a LUA configuration option is being
> used.

This sounds like a moot point since there is no lua(4) yet nor any software
using it...

- Jukka.

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