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ptcd(4), a driver for the cash drawer port on the PROTECH PS3100 point of sale terminal

The attached small driver adds support for the cash drawer port found on the 
PROTECH PS3100 point of sale terminal by providing a gpio(4) device with two 
pins.  Pin 0 controls the drawer kickout, pin 1 is used to read the sense pin, 
i.e. whether the drawer is currently open or not (as reported by the till 

Note that there is no way to detect it the hardware is present or not, so this 
driver should only be used for custom kernel configurations.  A similar device 
driver for the IBM SurePos series (now Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions) will 

Tested on NetBSD 5.1. Comments welcome.

- Marc Balmer

PS:  A picture of a PS3100 can be found here:, the 
datasheet here

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