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Re: KNF and the C preprocessor

> Explicit enums are a little better, no?  And they do make things a
> lot more obvious when debugging.

Sometimes.  (Ab)using enums for bitmasks or other things that get
arithmetic applied to them (eg, O_EXEC, to pick a recently-discussed
example) is, IMO, broken - besides being unwarranted chumminess with
the compiler, they don't help debugging; even a debugger that can turn
64 into O_ASYNC won't be able to turn 3589 back into

>> b) __LINE__ (etc) have the value of the use, not the definition.
> Yes, but if you use static inlines, the debugger's got both -- which
> it won't, if you use macros...


Okay, what's the static inline version of log() here?

#define log(msg) log_(__FILE__,__LINE__,(msg))
extern void log_(const char *, int, const char *);

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