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Re: Making forced unmounts work

The more I think the more I just want to remove forced unmounts.

To take some examples:

- A hard,nointr NFS mount hanging because the server stops responding.

Even if it were possible to use fstrans_ here (and it would become ugly)
it would not help.  The root node of the mount will likely be locked by the
first thread trying to lookup so unmount won't be able to even lookup
the mount point.  If it were possible to run `mount -u' or `unmount' it
should be possible to update the mount as `soft,intr' and proceed as usual,
kill threads blocking an unmount and unmount.

- Ejecting a removable device currently mounted.

In this case the disk driver should error out and all threads should
come back with an I/O-error.  If this is not the case the driver is buggy.

- Refcount and other bugs

... should be fixed ...

J. Hannken-Illjes - - TU Braunschweig 

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