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re: Making forced unmounts work

> Looks like this thread is dead.  No one beside David Holland is
> interested and David objects.  I take back my proposal.

i'm very interested in this idea.

> David wants to track information about threads running a vnode
> operation from vnode_if.c. I have no idea how this could be done
> without knowing file system implementation.
> David wants forced unmounts to work even if a thread gets stuck
> permanently in a vnode operation.  I don't see a way to safely
> reclaim a vnode from a file system when this vnode is in use by
> another thread.

i think we should strive for this goal, even if we're not sure how
to get there yet.

but more importantly, your change seems to fix at least a large
part of the problem and i think we should continue to consider it.


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