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Re: 70,000 TLB shootdown IPIs per second

On Wed, Dec 05, 2012 at 08:29:23AM -0800, Chuck Silvers wrote:
> and the top few entries from that with a portion of your dd test are:
>               netbsd`pmap_deactivate+0x3b
>               netbsd`mi_switch+0x329
>               netbsd`idle_loop+0xe0
>               netbsd`0xffffffff80100817
>              4349
>               netbsd`pmap_deactivate+0x3b
>               netbsd`mi_switch+0x329
>               netbsd`kpreempt+0xe2
>               netbsd`0xffffffff80114295
>               netbsd`ubc_uiomove+0x113
>               netbsd`ffs_write+0x2c5
>               netbsd`VOP_WRITE+0x37
>               netbsd`vn_write+0xf9
>               netbsd`dofilewrite+0x7d
>               netbsd`sys_write+0x62
>               netbsd`syscall+0x94
>               netbsd`0xffffffff801006a1
>              6168

This is a little surprising.  A number of developers pointed me earlier
this morning at the code path from genfs{get,put}pages to ubc_pagermapout
which calls pmap_kremove() on a range of pages (one I/O request, I'd assume)
and then pmap_update().

This should cause per-page TLB invalidations to be batched up 6 at a time
(or a full flush to happen if more than 6 at once are batched, as would in
fact be the case for, for exampel, a 64K I/O) and then sent via the xcall
to other CPUs by the call to pmap_shootdown_tlbs from the pmap_update
call -- I would think.  But evidently not!  If I read the above correctly
we're being preempted, and some pmap_update() is causing the shootdowns
which is not the one in pagermapout, no?

I am in any event surprised because at 300MB/sec, I'd expect to see about
the 70,000 TLB IPIs I'm seeing iff no batching were happening at all; but
I think I should be seeing at most 1/6 that many, and potentially 1/16
that many, since with a 64K I/O size, we should do 1 full flush instead
of 16 single-page invalidations.

What am I misunderstanding?


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